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Auctions, flea markets to raise money for Ag Museum March 21 in Dover
In addition to the live auction, the day will include silent auctions, flea markets, books sales and bake sales. "Green Gavel Auction is honored to be part of such a worthwhile community event. The DAMV is a hidden gem, and the work they do is
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G Street Flea offers a weekend treasure lover's destination
Occupying the Old Masonic building, the catchily named event, is not your average flea market, and that's definitely part of its appeal. By providing an indoor space for vendors to share their wares and customers to browse and buy in comfort, rain-or
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The Dallas Flea Is the City's Most Interesting Shopping Experience
That's where The Dallas Flea comes in. Founded in 2009 by a former DailyCandy and Dallas Morning News editor, the "upscale flea market" occurs a few times a year and features vendors of all kinds from all over the country. Annually, The Dallas Flea …
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Pest-Free Pets:Preventive tips for pet owners
Both fleas and ticks are small but dangerous. Fleas are ravenous and can consume 15 times their own body weight in your pet's blood. A serious infestation can cause your pet to become anemic. It is common for pets to have sensitivity to flea saliva and
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