Don’t Let Your Garden Soil Go Bad!

It’s Fall! The crops from the summer season have run their course, and it is time to put vital nutrients back into the garden soil that the spring and summer crops depleted.

How do we do that, you ask?

Enter a superhero among gardeners: BUCKWHEAT.

Buckwheat increases the soil structure and the availability of nutrients for the next batch of crops in the garden, including phosphorus. Another great thing about Buckwheat is that it sprouts within days, grows rapidly, and doesn’t require much water.

The first thing you want to do is get yourself some Buckwheat seeds. We purchased ours online.

Buckwheat Seeds

Next, till your garden soil. We also mixed in a couple bags of manure for good measure.

Even out and water down the soil in preparation for the seeds.

Then the soil is ready for seeding! We spread our Buckwheat seeds around by hand.

After that, the seeds do all the work! Within days, we had sprouts coming in! I had also added some dead leaves to the dirt to protect the seeds from birds.

The first sprouts

In just a few weeks, our Buckwheat grew a couple feet tall.  Turk, the Tortoises and even the chickens LOVE to snack on it!

Turk, munching

Now that the Buckwheat is growing, there is one final step.

We will need to cut down (or mow) the Buckwheat within 2 weeks of the first flowering and mulch it into the soil. We will mix in some bags of manure for even better results. Buckwheat decomposes quickly, so it won’t be long before we can plant new crops with our new improved soil!



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