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Saratoga community raises funds for Jordan Klapp's robotic arm
Sometimes his parents have to wake up at night to scratch areas that itch. But the incurable muscle wasting disorder hasn't stopped the teenager from reaching an important milestone. On Thursday morning, guided by his service dog, Patriot, Klapp will
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Health Tip: Treating Poison Ivy
Use lukewarm soapy water to wash anything that may have touched the plant, including gardening tools, golf clubs, pet fur or pet leashes. Don't scratch the area, since doing so could lead to a skin infection. Don't rub or remove peeling skin. Soothe
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Exercising with your pooch can be fun — if you play it safe
METRO DETROIT — You know that itch you've had to get outside and burn off some of that extra energy? Well, guess what? Your pooch feels the same way. Plenty of people have gotten into the habit of not just … Giving your pet some one-on-one time
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