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Behold a Revolutionary Carpet that Kills Dust Mites
According to PSFK, dust mites can cause allergic reactions that could lead to serious health complications. Because of this possibility, people who suffer the said condition stay far away from certain furniture to defer from its side effects. However
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Mighty Mites to have registration
Members of the 2014 Mighty Mites football team look toward the sideline. Registration for this year's teams is Saturday, Aug. 1. CMH-InStory. Posted: Wednesday, July 29, 2015 1:30 pm | Updated: 1:30 pm, Wed Jul 29, 2015. Mighty Mites to have
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July and August are dust mites' favourite months
We shed 7 million skin cells a minute and these are hungrily gobbled up by the 10 million dust mites that live in your bed. The summer's heat and high humidity levels make the perfect living conditions for these creatures. About 15% of the population
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Garden Notes: How to fend off mildew, rot and spider mites
Because of the extremely hot, dry weather in July, I suspect that spider mites may be the problem. They and their eggs are tiny enough to be not easily seen. They suck leaf juices, causing a gradual discolouration, usually accompanied by a motley and …
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