Our Favorite Nail Polishes, Fall 2015 Edition

1. British Racing Green Nail Lacquer, Butter London  //  2. Leggy Legend Nail Color, Essie  //  3. Chai Tea Latte Nail Polish, Palate Polish  //  4. Rainstorm Nail Polish, Sinful Colors  //  5. Frock N Roll Nail Color, Essie  //  6. Giada Nail Color, Zoya  //  7. It’s a Piazza Cake Nail Lacquer, OPI  //  8. Respect Nail Polish, Deborah Lippmann  //  9. Heirloom Nail Color, Jin Soon  //  10. Fall in Line Nail Color, Essie  //  11. Elephant Matte Nail Polish, Urban Outfitters  //  12. In the Lobby Nail Color, Essie

It’s been quite a while since Morgan, our Beauty Contributor Extraordinare, has written a post over here at Bubby and Bean. She’s a full time high school teacher who is involved in a whole lot of school activities, which makes her one busy lady. She has had so many great ideas to share here, but time has proven to continually slip away. So for today’s post, we found a solution that was actually a lot of fun – we teamed up to write it together. Morgan is a nail guru, so I asked her to give me her top polish recommendations for this fall/winter season, and I combined them with a few of my favorites. The results (and links to each product) can be found above. As you can see, we’re both Essie girls. Morgan also has a love affair with Sinful Colors (and their pricing), while I’m a big fan of eco-friendly brands like Zoya. I tend to gravitate toward more muted colors for the cooler seasons, while Morgan isn’t afraid of funkier shades that aren’t considered to be traditional autumn colors. After putting our heads (and hands; get it? get it?) together, these were the final 12 that made our top polish picks for fall 2015.

What are your favorite nail colors for this fall? Have you tried any of these specific polishes?


Bubby and Bean ::: Living Creatively

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