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From Dirty Hair to Olive Oil — Fighting Lice is a Lousy Business
“I mean so many places that I can't even use two hands to itch them.” He suspects he got them from his 2-year-old brother, who may have picked them up at daycare. His own discovery came during class. “I was itching my hair one day and I was having a
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What Is Discipleship?
As some of you may have (hopefully) noticed, I've been a terrible blogger over the last few weeks. Meaning, I haven't blogged a whole lot since mid-summer, not that the content of my few blogs has been terrible, though that's always a live possibility
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Press 'Play'
Rubbernecking at YouTube's mangled heap of traffic wreck and play-by-play accident videos usually leaves a bad taste in my mouth (while also gratifyingly scratching a weird itch). … One doesn't simply pet one's feline overlord whenever the urge strikes.
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