Sylvan Pass in Yellowstone temporarily closed

Sylvan Pass in Yellowstone temporarily closed
The road over Sylvan Pass on the east side of Yellowstone National Park was temporarily closed Friday afternoon as crews worked to remove unexploded ordinance left behind as a result of avalanche mitigation work done, presumably during the previous …
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Poor-quality drinking water is a disaster in the making
My Yorkie-dachshund mix has been diagnosed with mange. So far, she has … Your dog probably picked up the Sarcoptes scabiei (itch mite) while sniffing around where the wolf had been sleeping in the brush, and then infected you and your husband. I came …
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Thermal imaging offers high-tech look at disease among Yellowstone wolves
A high-tech method for detecting disease in domestic cattle is helping researchers in Yellowstone National Park learn more about how sarcoptic mange effects gray wolf survival and behavior during the park's long, cold winters. Mange is a contagious
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