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Built-to-Last Beastie Gave Rise to Insects, Spiders and Shellfish
(Later animals, such as fish, evolved actual teeth as we know them, which permitted biting and chewing of food.) Human-like Brain Found in Worm. As if these features of the creature weren't unusual enough, it's also known that Hallucigenia had pairs of …
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Insecticide lindane found to cause cancer
A common insecticide has been found to cause cancer in humans, according to a World Health Organization review. The product, lindane, was once widely used in agriculture and continues to be found in some treatments for head lice and scabies. The WHO …
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STLMoms: Manners for kids going “Out and About”
Manners still matter; Do not get up and down constantly; Use positive cheering; Enjoy the food and snacks but pick up after yourself and do not just let all other manners go (belching, chewing with your mouth closed etc.) Do not carry on conversations

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