Coyote Seen In Briargate Area Could Have Mange

Coyote Seen In Briargate Area Could Have Mange
Wildlife officials believe a coyote seen in the Briargate area of Colorado Springs may have mange. An 11 News viewer spotted the coyote over the weekend and sent our newsroom a photo. Mange is a skin disease caused by microscopic burrowing mites.
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Group Seeking Charges in Dog Abuse Case
Robert Early, a Valley veterinarian, said there are two type of mange. Both are treatable, but red mange, which he believed the Edcouch dog had, is much harder to treat. Mange is a skin condition caused by mites. He said it's not actually the mange
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Found dogs often have mange
He was diagnosed July 4 with noncontagious demodectic mange, also called demodex. Dr. Andrea Wade of Heatherdowns Veterinary Clinic in Toledo said the mites that cause it are normal and found in virtually all dogs' skin, but can get out of control when …
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