10 Great Holiday Wreath Designs

10 Great Holiday Wreath Designs via Bubby and Bean
1. Magnolia Leaf and Eucalyptus Wreath, the Magnolia Company  //  2. DIY Berry Wreath, Good Housekeeping  //  3. Simple Holiday Wreath, Nest of Posies  //  4. Bittersweet Wreath, Design Mag  //  5. Mini Wreath Garland, The Merry Thought  //  6. Simple Festive Wreath, Freckle and Wulff  //  7. Winter Citrus Wreath, Design*Sponge  //  8. Seeded Eucalyptus Wreath, Terrain  //  9. Spruce Forest Wreath, Terrain  //  10. DIY Holiday Wreath, Style Me Pretty

The 10 Great series is no stranger to holiday inspiration. Last year, I posted 10 Great Holiday Cocktails and 10 Great Christmas Cookie Recipes. The year before, I shared 10 Great Holiday Wrapping Ideas and 10 Great Holiday Craft Projects. Most recently, I have had my eye on a very specific part of the holiday decor genre – the wreath – so it only seemed natural to share my 10 favorite finds with you guys.

There is something about hanging a wreath during this time of year that feels especially comforting to me. My mom used to hand make all of our wreaths growing up (and often, still does), so maybe that’s what I find so appealing about them. I also like that they’re sort of a sweet symbol of welcoming when they’re hanging on front doors, and that they can so subtly add a hint of the season to an indoor space without being overwhelming. I’m not completely sure if I’ll buy a simple wreath this year and add my own decorations, or if I’ll make something from scratch, but regardless, I’ll be using the 10 gorgeous wreath designs you see here as inspiration. I hope you find them inspiring for your own holiday wreath plans well.


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