meet-stevie-my-blind-rescued-cat-who-loves-to-go-hiking-6__700Stevie the cat loves to go hiking with her owner Patrick Corr. While other cats love the sights outdoors, Stevie is most interested in the sounds and smells. That’s because Stevie’s blind.

But that doesn’t stop Stevie from enjoying her time traversing the countryside by her family’s home in Cork, Ireland.

According to Bored Panda, Corr adopted Stevie four years ago and have been best friends ever since. “We’re inseparable!” Corr says.

Stevie walks with Corr on a leash or balances on Corr’s shoulders. But, Corr said, Stevie really prefers to explore by herself. She can explore with confidence knowing Corr is nearby and follows the sound of his voice when they are outside together.

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