Cat Helps Cops Catch Criminal


Attentive cops use all sorts of clues to help them catch criminals. Often, they’re helped in their pursuit of fugitives by people who call in tips or point in the direction that someone ran. According to the York Daily Register, on a cool night in Lancaster County, PA, cops were helped by none other than a friendly black cat!

The Ephrata Police Department posted on their Facebook page that on Monday, November 28, Jonathan Michael Steffy ran while police were arresting him for an outstanding warrant. Police were able to narrow the man’s location down to a particular backyard, but couldn’t find him at first. Then, one officer “noticed a black cat” and thankfully took notice. The cat appeared to be crouching and “watching something intently.” There were two sheds in the backyard that the cat seemed to be looking near. The first shed was empty.

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