Update on Jim Sak and Snickers

Clearly a deadly creature

Last week I posted twice about Jim Sak and Snickers, his service dog that happens to be pit-bull-shaped.

Aurelia IA has a breed ban and ordered Snickers out of town, literally under pain of death. This is, of course, in direct conflict with federal law with regards to service animals and despite the fact that Mr. Sak has had Snicker for more than 5 trouble-free years. Snickers is pit-bull shaped, and no amount of common sense, evidence or facts is going to get in the way of Aurelia Iowa’s city government.

For example, here’s a very revealing quote from a story on MSNBC.

City Council member Jeff Bowen refused to answer questions about whether he thought the City was in violation of the Americans with Disabilities act. “Well I guess the attorneys will have to figure that out” Bowen told us, “I don’t have any comment.”

Wow. Nothing like standing up for yourself and your opinion. (Really. It’s nothing like it at all.)

See an update here:

Tomorrow there will be a hearing in Sioux City (which also has a failed breed ban of its own, BTW.) It’s possible that this hearing will result in Mr. Sak having his service dog returned immediately. It’s also possible that it will result in more delays or just a temporary decision.

Aurelia’s city government has refused to respond to request for comment, so there’s no reason to believe that they will go down without a fight.

Until this is resolved I am going to continue my fundraiser. While Mr. Sak’s legal representation is being supplied pro bono, Animal Farm Foundation has already provided housing and care for Snickers for over a week, and they still are a worthy beneficiary of our donations anyway.

Please chip in!

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