How do I make sure my hermit crabs are mite free?

Question by nosuchthing021: How do I make sure my hermit crabs are mite free?
My hermit crabs recently had mites on them- I cleaned the entire tank, boiled the crabitat components in hot water and replaced the substrate as well. I bathed each crab and isolated them from the tank. I want to be sure they are mite free – how can I be sure?

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Answer by Riley R
Thaeyll be even slower than normal or theyll die if they have it!!!!!!!!

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  1. miss.spice1013 says:

    ok dont listen to riley r srry but thats the dumbest thing i have ever heard i am a proud owner of 5 beautiful hermit crabs in a 20 gallon tank and i 2 had the same problem and i went to a pet store and bought mite off and i sprayed it on the crabs and on the tank and they are happy and mite free!!! it works likea charm but i think its 7 bucks but its worth it!!!! hey are yours in a glass tank or in a plastic container….plz add to your additional details i would love to know!! good luck!!

  2. Payton H says:

    You can go to the pet store and buy these special bugs that eat Hermie mites. They do not hurt the crabs.

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