Justin Bie-boar Competes For Cookies [PHOTO]

Swifty Swine

The assemblage of deep fried food, cantankerous carnies, oversized stuffed animals and farm animals galore can only mean one thing: the county fair is in town. We decided to check out the San Diego County Fair this past weekend to see what the fair had to offer and 'lo and behold, we discovered the cutest, speediest pigs competing in hysterical Swifty Swine races! These tiny racing pigs ranged from 4 weeks to a few months  and pack a serious love for racing….for Oreos that is.

When pigs fly…like the wind

The racing pigs of the Swifty Swine race in competition for a delicious, savory Oreo cookie at the end of the track. Some of the racers have hilarious names, our favorites were : Justin Bie-boar, Lindsay Lo-ham, Brad Pig, and Barack Boar-ama.

Find fun videos of these cute little piggies at SwiftySwine.com. 

Photo source: SwiftySwine

The Daily Treat: Animal Planet

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