Obesity and Arthritis on the Rise in Banfield Pet Hospital Report

     Banfield Pet Hospitals, a corporate veterinary chain, recently published a review of our pet’s health for 2011. Because they are so large, see so many patients, and can combine data, the trends are evident. Obesity, arthritis and chronic diseases are on the rise just as they are in human medicine.

Banfields’ recommendations are for more vet visits and preventative medications to combat this rise in medical problems where  simple changes to the diet may help you reduce veterinary visits to a yearly exam.

Veterinarians are taught to diagnose and medicate, so more visits only complicate some problems. In Dog Dish Diet I teach you that feeding your pet better ingredients, avoiding allergens and commercial treats, and supplementing and home cooking with human food help so many dogs recover from the endless circle of medications and treatments needed in sensitive, allergic, or obese and arthritic dogs.

Following my recommendations in the book may help to keep your pet’s weight down and also nourish the joints with better treats like raw meaty chicken wings!Less weight and raw bones may help their joints with natural bone ingredients and less stress on the joints. Can you imagine a vet said that? Thats the kind of advise that I want to share!


Nutrition does give us the power to health. We just have to learn to use it. Use the power of better ingredients, home cooking, and “human food”treats to help your dog live a healthier life!!

“Let nutrition be your medicine”…some famous greek veterinarian..just kidding!!

Here’s the url for thw banfield report. It is very interesting!


Dr. Greg’s Dog Dish Diet

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