Internet Icon Ep6 – The Topical Challenge (Part 1 of 2)

CONTESTANTS’ FULL TOPICAL CHALLENGE VIDEOS HERE! WATCH PREVIOUS EPISODES HERE Friday at 4pm PST/ 7 pm EST for one hour we will have the Icon contestant who was eliminated answer all your questions via twitter. Follow @yomyomfnetwork for more details. YOMYOMF Network’s new reality show “INTERNET ICON” Ep 6 (Part 1) “Topical Challenge”. The Top 6 contestants compete in “The Topical Challenge” where they have 5 hours to shoot and edit a video using a topic from a current newspaper provided by judges Ryan Higa and Christine Lakin. They are allowed to also use any prop(s) and/or actor(s) from the ICONography Room. Produced by ANDY FICKMAN’s Oops Doughnuts, BOBBY SMITH JR.’s Ashore Entertainment, and RYAN HIGA. “INTERNET ICON” airs on the YOMYOMF Network every Tues. and Thurs. night at 8PM EST Catch Icon judge Christine Lakin in her new comedy webseries “Lovin Lakin” July 16th! @lovinlakin. or The YOMYOMF Network is based on the pop culture blog, You Offend Me You Offend My Family, founded by director JUSTIN LIN (BETTER LUCK TOMORROW, FAST FIVE). Other partners include top YouTube personalities RYAN HIGA, KEVJUMBA and CHESTER SEE. Check out the channel and subscribe at Stay up to date on shows and events on our Twitter, Facebook and Blog!

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25 Responses to Internet Icon Ep6 – The Topical Challenge (Part 1 of 2)

  1. VladimirUchiha1 says:

    The people that lost should have become the actors

  2. cooliesist says:

    english people do not sound like that

  3. TheBommel90 says:

    dayside… pls lose

  4. Rd2016 says:

    I hate how fucking cutesy Dayside was in their note to Justin and a few episodes back they were talking shit about him to the camera, I know I’m not the only one who thinks Dayside should have gone home a long time ago

  5. curiouspiece says:

    The script coordinator’s pretty :3

  6. Rebecca Slater says:

    Kyle at around 12:20 #1 -___- are you serious #2 modest much?

  7. Nicholas2432 says:

    14:03 chester!

  8. BORICAGIRL says:

    You know what’d be great? For Justin to be one of the actors they use!^__^

  9. danielvuurman says:

    They got creative and it worked!

  10. hhrainbowz says:

    i know ya’ll are upset about Justin and other people who left but GET OVER IT!!!!!! They’re not going to change it, so why complain every 2 minutes?

  11. bluedude6676 says:


  12. KPableTV says:

    Daym, is that Christina without her make-up! Whore-ab-le

  13. lufifra says:

    dayside is out of sync…like always

  14. robrto2411 says:

    Kyle.. Stfu.

  15. missameliapond1 says:


  16. missameliapond1 says:

    chester sexy lion face at 21:00

  17. kristaps231 says:

    Justin could just be an internet icon, kyle should have left in the first episode -_-

  18. aureashine1 says:

    i love the duck video

  19. aureashine1 says:

    get kyle OUT bring back justin!!!

  20. Tw0MuchSpareTime says:

    This is hard to watch without Justin.

  21. Tw0MuchSpareTime says:

    lol 3/4 of dayside look exactly the same.

  22. DannysDorm says:

    You really like Nigahiga? Great! You will love DannysDorm! YouTube’s newest comedy series!

  23. gargoylePie says:

    who I want(ed) to win:
    -justin :(
    -riedell bros
    -fu music

  24. CookieMonsterNoVeggi says:

    I wonder if they make Kyle sound like a douche or if he is actually a douche…

  25. friends7891 says:

    justin is good looking and funny bring him back

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