Question by Jackie: Tick??????
Yeah my male chihuahua has a tick and i know how to get it out [tweezers] but i dont want to leave the head in so im not sure..

should i go to the vet instead and make them pull it out? Or is that silly and a waste of money, and i should do it?

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Answer by Ista
Just pull of the tick. It’s very rare for the head to separate. If it does, get your trusty tweezers and pull that off too!

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  1. Chi Bears #1 says:

    you can do it, use the tweezers and make to grab a tiny bit of the skin when pinching…this way you will make sure to pull out the pincher AND PULL QUICKLY. it’s very easy and painless.

  2. emily says:

    try rubbing alchol and a cotton ball
    saturate the cotton ball and place it over the tick and it should die then give your dog a bath and scrub the site good

  3. September says:

    firm but gentle, steady pulling will get it out. Don’t pull too hard or you will leave the head. Just keep the steady pulling going and the tick will tire. Swab the bite with alcohol and put some antibiotic ointment on it. Flush tick down the toilet.

    of course, you can go to the vet to have it removed and honestly, they shouldn’t charge anything. Call first and see.

    Good luck! And remember: dont touch the tick with bare hands!

  4. Gems says:

    best way.

    take the tweezers and get them down as close to the skin as possible (without pinching the skin) squeeze firmly. now with a slow but firm action pull directly UP from the dogs skin (if you try and pull it downward or towards you or twist it ect the mouth will break off)
    once the tick is out use a tiny dab of human antibacterial ointment.

    either flush the tick (ticks are notoriously hard ot kill and throwing in the trash gives it the chance to escape. and if the tick was engorged when you pulled it watch your dog closely for sighns of lymes disese.

    if your unsure or warey, take the dog to the vet, they remove many a tick and will not even usually charge you for the office visit. best to be safe than sorry…if you take her to the vet for it watch how they do it

  5. my boy says:

    How to Remove a Tick
    There’s a strong arsenal of products available to control fleas and ticks, but if a tick should become attached to you or your dog, remove it as soon as possible. The quicker you get the tick off, the greater your chances of preventing the tick from transmitting a disease to your dog.

    Always wear rubber gloves when removing ticks from your dog and avoid touching ticks or tick secretions with bare hands. You don’t want the little beast touching your pooch and you don’t want it touching you either.

    Move carefully and use the tweezers to grab the tick close to the surface, where the tick’s mouth attaches to your dog’s skin.

    Use steady pressure to pull the tick out straight. Do not twist or rip the tick out. Your goal is to remove the entire tick; yanking it out without paying attention could leave part still attached.

    After removing a tick, thoroughly disinfect the bite site and wash your hands with soap and water.

    Once the tick is out, you can safely dispose of it by placing the tick in a small container of flea and tick spray.

  6. Showtunes says:

    Do not twist.
    Do not use flame.
    Do not apply alcohol or anything else.

    All of these tactics cause the tick to release his stomach’s contents (mostly toxins) directly into the dog’s blood stream.

    Move the hair, grasp the tick as close to the skin as possible and pull off in a straight quick motion. The tick should still be moving–if it is youve got the head for sure-go ahead and flush it or burn it now. If its not moving (give it a second as it may be playing dead) then pull up a picture of a tick and make sure you got it all. If not head to the vet. A bit of washing up (both yourself and the bitten area on the dog) and youre good to go.

    If youre not comfortable go ahead and see the vet, its usually pretty cheap. Most will show you how to do it. Do not allow them to put anything on it either though.

  7. daybay294 says:

    a new research shoed even if the head gets in it cant do any thing without the rest of its body, just take it off your self!

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