How to separate a tick from a cat?

Question by Robert R: How to separate a tick from a cat?
Dear all,

My beloved pet tick recently came home with an unwanted cat attatched. I have heard that you can use tweezers to remove the cat, but I seek clarification- is there any danger the tick may become infected by some kind of cat-borne disease? Also, how can I safely dispose of the cat?

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Answer by Eric K
A lighter to the butt of the tick..the heat will make it retract from your little buddy…try not to get his hair…

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4 Responses to How to separate a tick from a cat?

  1. Carl-N-Vicky S says:

    Put the cat on a extinguished match to make the tick pull out. If you try to separate the two while they are alive, your tick will loose its head and that will infect the cat.

  2. Tanja V says:

    i know the best way. get petrolium jelly and rub the substance around the tick and on the ticks head. after2-4 days the tick will most likely fall off because the jelly will wont like the smelll and feel so it will fall off. check again to make sure the ticks head is not stuck in there so it doesnt hurt or itch the cat or give it infectoins. then wash the cat with water to remove the jelly.

  3. Nightchild says:

    lol i think your precious tick will die odd you are worried about it not the cat but if he does die have no fear you can come to my house roll around in my backyard and get some here!! lol i live in arkansas and my cousin got one at my house i havent yet thank god

  4. K-dee says:

    first u need to find its head and then u need to twist and pull up. but make sure that the head is still in the body it can still suck blood even though the body is off

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