You can call me AL

A few nice Chewing Lice images I found:

You can call me AL
Chewing Lice

Image by Sids1
Attributes of Alpacas

Having survived the Spanish conquest and adapting to the inhospitable conditions of the Altiplano the alpaca has evolved to one of the hardiest domesticated animals on earth.

Alpacas are:

Easily farmed on a small block, with stocking rates of about 5 to the acre.

Low impact stock. With soft, padded feet, the alpaca has an extremely low impact on fragile landforms.

Low level carriers of internal parasites.

Stimulated ovulators, thus they can be mated at any time of the year.

Accustomed to using a communal dung site.

Parasite infestation is therefore low.

Alpaca dung is a rich fertilizer perfect for growing fruits and vegetables. Alpaca droppings are almost odourless, and are low in nitrogen.

Grazers and chew their cud. They have a split upper lip which prevents them from damaging the vegetation’s roots

Consistently trouble free when birthing. The birth of a new cria usually occurs during daylight hours, on a fine day.

Long-lived — approximately 20 years.

Naturally docile and are typically "mustered" by calling them. Dogs are not required.

Modified ruminant with a three-compartment stomach. They convert grass and hay to energy very efficiently, eating less than other farm animals.

Small and easy to handle.

Intelligent, which makes them pleasant to be around and easy to train.

Adaptable to varied habitat, successfully being raised around the world from 15,000 feet to sea level.

Not slaughtered outside of their native South America, thus allowing us to profit from them without killing them.

Not susceptible to footrot.

Not subject to lice infestations

Not prone to blowfly strike.

Not in need of tail docking. Information.htm

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