Is Fipronil killing off the bee population?

Question by PrettyEskimo: Is Fipronil killing off the bee population?
I was out the other day and watched a couple pest control guys just spraying the stuff everywhere on bushes, shrubs, flowers. In that time I must have seen 200 bees land on the areas that where sprayed. Could these honeybees be bringing this stuff back to their hives?

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Answer by James
Yes, it is toxic to bees and because it is a slow-acting poison, the bees that got it could bring it back to the hive and kill them as well.

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  1. vangion says:

    Yes there is a great deal of concern that the overuse of fipronil is eradicating the bee population
    Some countries are already banning it’s use

    This is typical pest control behavior, over the years many good products have been rendered useless through negligent and over use of insecticides

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