Let’s Do Something about James Saks’ Service Dog!

It’s often said that rather than simply complaining about things online, one should do something. I try to take this advice and I want you to also. Let’s do something about Mr. Sak being forced (illegally) to give up his service dog.

Below is a widget from ChipIn. It will accept a donation of any amount and deposit in my PayPal account. On January 21st I will send all other money to Animal Farm Foundation, which is already trying to help the retired police office and war veteran keep his service dog. I have set a goal of $ 2000. That’s 100 people giving $ 20 each. I think we can do that, don’t you?

Why do I think you should donate some money to this cause? Well, not just because it’s a lot more effective than liking a Facebook status or resharing that awesome anti-Millan Esquire article from 2006 for the 20th time.

Aurelia IA’s government has shown themselves to be shining examples of the bullies that perpetuate BSL. Is there a better example of bullying than taking away a service dog from a retiree? This is one of the battles we need to win if BSL is ever to be eliminated in the U.S. Put down the like button, open your wallet, and put your money where your snarky comment would be.

If you use a blog, you can easily embed this widget on it. If you have Facebook account, use the button below to share this post.

The cowardly bullies in Aurelia may have already ruined Mr. Saks’ Christmas, but we can do our best to fix his New Year!

Make a small donation and then spread the word: let’s help this man get his dog back and put a nail in the coffin of BSL.

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