Question by Give Someone A Hug Today: SCABIES?????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I am a total clean-freak… I drive my husband nuts about how much I clean. Well, to make a long story short, we just literally started our two preschoolers (ages 3 and 4) in daycare. Two weeks into it, our daughter comes home with small itchy red bumps on her “booty” and as days went by, it became much worse and even spread up her back and down her legs. We then took her in to see a doctor and he said that he thinks it may be scabies!!!!!!

When the doctor explained what this was, I freaked!!!!! Our son, who attends the same daycare is fine and even sleeps right next to our daughter.

The doctor gave us some cream to put on her and said that the cream should kill the scabies.

My question is, how did she get this (daycare doesn’t know) and why hasn’t our son gotten this who sleeps right next to her and attends the same daycare??

It’s been 2 weeks now and she is still itching a bloody bottom. Can this really be scabies???

Also, can you actually SEE Scabies if you look closely (like lice?)

Thanks for any help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Answer by PhuQue
next to impossible for people sleeping together / next to each other not to get scabies . all your clothing and bedding needs to be dry cleaned , boiled …. the cream should have taken care of your daughters problem in about 24 hrs, not considering re-infestation ..but it sounds like it might be an allergy of some kind.

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  1. meditator2 says:

    Scabies are not visible to the naked eye, though sometimes you can see the burrow track (which is very thin like a hair). Scabies is often misdiagnosed and it can be heat rash or eczema as they look similar. It does seem likely that your son could catch it in this setting but it also may take 2-6 weeks for symptoms to show. It sounds like the daycare is not reporting any other cases (though they may be afraid of losing customers). Also the rash can still continue for a few weeks after treatment so it isn’t always easy to tell if it is just the residual effects, a different rash or a possible reinfestation.


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