How to completely get rid of ticks from my dog?

Question by : How to completely get rid of ticks from my dog?
Every 2-3 weeks I find new ticks on my peck’s body. Today I found a “mother” tick which was little bigger than normal ticks. And when I took a tissue paper to take it out, I saw that its not there(lol seems like an intelligent tick). How can I completely get rid of these ticks? What is the best cure which won’t be bad for my dog’s health?

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Answer by Nik
What we use for my dog is a liquid that u put on the back of her neck that dries and then the ticks hate it and u put it on every other month or so- we got it at our vet I can’t remember what it is called but it works!

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  1. Jennifer M~ Got the Giggles says:

    It wasn’t a “mother tick” it was a well-fed one. Ticks swell as they feed.

    Your yard needs to be treated for ticks and you need topical flea and tick preventative from your veterinarian.

  2. Pom♥Mom Spay and Neuter says:

    Get some Advantix from your vet. Make sure to apply monthly.

  3. Sam Spayed says:

    Vectra 3D seems to be working well for my dog. He’s only had one tick this year since I’ve been using it, and last year he had about one tick per day. (I have three dogs, but the ticks only take an interest in one of them, for some reason).

    It’s a liquid drop that you put on his back, available from veterinarians.

  4. imaginarykitten says:

    Frontline works very well on my dogs, you just apply it to the back of their necks.

  5. chandrasekhar says:

    Use medicated shampoo, it may regulate up to some extent, there are some sprays in market, but ask your vet before using them..

  6. Cookie The First One says:

    There are two topicals on the market that repel ticks, fleas, mosquitoes. One is K9Advantix (not advantage) and the other is Biospot. One is extremely expensive and the other is quite cheap.
    They do work, I’ve used Biospot for many years with no problems on many dogs and have yet to see any fleas or ticks and I actively showed these dogs and live in a highly infested deer tick area.
    You do not need to buy either one from a vet as they are easily available through the dog catalogues.
    I get biospot from for $ 10.95 for a three month supply

  7. Bobby Barton says:

    One of the most effective ways of keeping ticks off your dogs today is by using the once-a-month topical products.

  8. Scout says:


    Vet’s Best has a variety of shampoos and sprays to help with tick and flea issues, and their products are all natural- no synthetics.

    I’d recommend their Flea + Tick spray in particular, as it kills live fleas and destroys their eggs.

    Best of luck!

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