“Feed Your Pet to Avoid the Vet”: Slow Cooked Home Made Pet Food

My veterinary medical education was slanted towards diagnosis and treatment and not nutrition and prevention. That’s the way vets are trained. Don’t expect your vet to embrace home cooking. We were trained to advise owners to stick with “complete and balanced” commercial food. When I started re-learning nutrition 10 years ago, I had no idea that would lead me to home cooking for my dogs. In fact, I’ve been trying to entice my cats to eat some also!  I know there are already lots of cookbooks out there, filled with healthier alternatives to commercial pet foods. What makes my perspective and recipes different?

My recipes are different because they take minutes to prepare and cost less than better commercial pet foods. Many pet food recipes are more time consuming and use a variety of costlier ingredients. My perspective as a veterinarian helps people choose hypoallergenic ingredients to help with allergies. I use simple wholesome ingredients and a slow cooker to slowly cook the meat and veggies and soften the bones.  That way the veggies absorb the flavors of the meat and the bones are soft and safe to eat!

In fact in my new eBook, Feed Your Pet to Avoid the Vet, I have recipes for weight loss, skin and ear issues, and even diabetes, pancreatitis, and seizures. They are actually based on a few ingredients that you combine in different percentages to help with the medical problem. I even have a recipe for slow cooking pig’s feet, so that dogs can get all the goodness from eating bones, cartilage, and ligaments easily prepared and fed in small cubes ….just like treats! Did you know that Glucosamine and Chondroitin (pills often prescribed for arthritis) are just components of bones and joints? Why buy pills when you can make your own nutritious bony treats!

Feed Your Pet to Avoid the Vet is a great addition to my book Dog Dish Diet. Together, they tell you how to feed both your dog and cat to avoid common medical issues like skin and ear problems , urinary problems, obesity, and diabetes.

Reasons the recipes in my new eBook ,Feed Your  Pet to Avoid the Vet ,may help your pets:

Your cat is suffering from diabetes or urinary issues.

Your dog has chronic skin or ear problems

Your dog or cat is overweight

Seizures, diarrhea, arthritis, bladder stones and other medical issues are also helped by a hypoallergenic, moist, home cooked diet

My new eBook is available at


and at amazon.com

You’ll never have to worry about the ingredients in your pet’s food when you buy and cook them yourself!

You’ll be part of your pet’s health care team. The slow cooking recipes help cure and prevent many health care problems!

I have been cooking for my dogs for years and I will never stop! I think that healthful, homemade, foods prevent so many chronic medical problems and may even help our pets avoid cancer!


Dr. Greg’s Dog Dish Diet

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