Q&A: what causes a pet rat to scratch often?

Question by Miss Boop: what causes a pet rat to scratch often?
My pet rats seem to scratch a lot, i clean their cage every 4 days and use care fresh as a bedding.

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Answer by ChelseaNoel C.
You MUST email me. We need to talk about rats!

First off, You need to FREEZE your carefresh…. Yes I said it. Freeze it. It contains mites and fungi that can hurt your rats! Mine contracted ringworm from it once. Its bc off the holes in the packaging that can get moist inside and grow bad things in them! Freezing it kills everything!

And The scratching may be bc they are younger rats. Twitching or running about fast is bc they are younger. Sneezing(Chirping) is them showing they are getting used to their surrounding smells.

I have had many rats and have one at the moment! I love ‘em.

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  1. i know who u r says:

    Well, some rats scratch because they may have rabies. Some foam may appear in there mouths. This is normal. Feel free to let it bite u. It doesnt hurt 1 bit. It hurts a lot. Trust me, I know what it feels like. I used to have a turtle named Turtle. He had rabies because a squirrel that had rabies bit him. So I’m guessing ur rat must have rabies. Please contact a vet near u. If u dont know a vet near u then feel free to contact this number: 1-800-MY-RAT-NEEDS-STUFF-TO-MAKE-HIM-STOP-SCRATCHING-CUZ-ITS-WEIRD-YA-SO-BYE-I-GUESS. thank u 4 taking the time to read this. P.S why do u have a pet rat???

  2. dark_wolf_rattery says:

    i personally think some rats, like humans, have dryer skin depending on their living situation.

    if you use any type of bedding, but especially Carefresh then you NEED to freeze it. any bedding that could potentially have holes in it could contain any type of parasite. freezing will ensure that anything is killed and it won’t harm your rats then. i had so many issues with lice from Carefresh that i’ve stopped using it.

    hold one in your hands with it’s back toward you and blow on their fur. if there are little brown or black dots on their skin they have lice or mites and it would be from the Carefresh bedding. i’ve found Hartz flea and tick shampoo for dogs works wonders to kill the parasites and you may need to bathe them a few times to kill them all. if they do then clean the cages out very well and freeze any bedding you have left and freeze it from here on out. some rats just scratch often (then again we sometimes itch more, right?) while other scratch because they have no choice.

    check their skin and freeze any bedding you get, even if they don’t have lice or mites currently. it’ll save you the hassle of bathing them later when they get it =)

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