Worst Case Of Fleas

This is not the worst case of fleas I’ve seen on a dog but it is close. These people needed help with their flea problem so they turned to a professional.

Some household items that can be used to get rid of fleas include hand soap, water and lemons. Use homemade supplies to get rid of fleas with tips from a pet industry specialist in this free video on fleas and pest control. Expert: Cordell Jacques Bio: Cordell Jacques has worked in the pet industry for more than 10 years. Filmmaker: Travis Waack
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49 Responses to Worst Case Of Fleas

  1. mynamesnotdan says:

    jesus christ

  2. Joseph Frisicano says:

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  3. ce5ar21 says:

    omg that’s alot of fleas poor dog :( wat kind of owner doesn’t take care of they’re dog. >:(

  4. hockeykills4 says:

    yes i see where you are coming from but when the dog is visibly that bad they should have done something about it earlier

  5. halsey boice says:

    i thought was a hamster at first -.-

  6. halsey boice says:

    @MaidenOfWolves well there experts and one of the experts were tape recording it and after they did tht they titled it so they know if it is fleas or blood cause they were right there with the dog

  7. GreenRhythms says:

    …for getting the dog help?…

  8. iTzSugaBTCH says:

    The owner is a horrible fuck.

  9. hellokittycutie07 says:

    In order for you to completely get rid of fleas you have to treat your house as well…If you dont treat your house they are just going to hop right on to your dog after he has been washed.

  10. uavida says:

    no gloves??

  11. n0M4c says:

    It’s not necessarily their fault. Sometimes a flea problem can become really hopeless and frustrating.

  12. OnlyGirlsLikeMe says:

    poor baby! he’s not just infested, he was neglected.

  13. lori wilson says:

    It is crying because the one handling the dog is not protecting the face you idiot! They are scared of drowning and you never, ever put water into the dogs face. How would you like it – waterboarding????

  14. RoxieSmexi22 says:


  15. heyimSUPERDUPER says:

    i’ve noticed that my dog has gotten weaker and less active than usual, and i think it’s because of the fleas she’s been having, i’ve been giving her baths with a flea spray almost every other day but they keep coming the next day. is it possible that my dog can die from this??

  16. hockeykills4 says:

    fuck the owners of that dog

  17. TheTwillerZone says:

    oh no !!!

  18. bathingapes112 says:

    Shit I’m itchy too!

  19. thechinese123 says:

    i feel itchy now

  20. allylovedance says:

    omg :( how can someone lets their dog get to this point i hope its okay

  21. bul188 says:

    Leaving it down to karma wont help.

  22. priteekitee says:


  23. dabul2003 says:

    whoever had this dog should never be able to own one again. they shouldnt even allow them to have children. i mean if they raise their small dog like this then how inthe world do you think they would raise a child.

  24. USFProjekts says:

    omg theres so many thats awful


    Go to a local pet store or like Walmart or something and get a flea shampoo if the house is infested get a spray too and spray al corners and cracks in the wall near the floor shampoo your cat and use a flea comb and comb all fleas out I recommend shampooing 1 time a week for a month or 2 and be sure to vacuum any carpets to get rid of any more just dont get shampoo in the eyes u can also purchase a flea collar so that the fleas will not return and be sure to check for fleas monthly to

  26. TheMelodyhaller says:

    the lady that lives next to me has 30 cats and my yard got invested with fleas and slowly we have carried them inside. now they are everywhere!! you walk in and they are on you right away.. i have bombed my house and an exterminator come in and nothing has stopped these nasty things.. I tried the soap and water thing and i have caught 100s in each room. do it for more than one day and you will be surprised on how many you catch

  27. gennkill says:

    should i keep a candle lit unattended?
    then again its surrounded by water `-`

  28. shitonskyrim says:

    I know but people with bad infestations do this and wake up in the morning with 100s of fleas in the bowl.

  29. babychanel21 says:

    i would say youre right if my two feet werent filled with flee bites lol. its not bedbugs so has to be flees.

  30. shitonskyrim says:

    that means you don’t have many fleas I think the best way to describe this method is. A way to see how bad your flea infestation is.

  31. ScoutGaming321 says:

    its just boiled lemon water

  32. hatffan321 says:

    Is it ok to put on the lemon tea on my self

  33. babychanel21 says:

    This didnt work for me

  34. jthouse51 says:

    thanks Forest Gump

  35. EE9EER says:

    don’t blame expert village for YOUR stupidty! Stupid is as stupid does!!!!

  36. eville62 says:

    Can you use this day or night?Or is it better to use at night?

  37. GorillaWolf MF says:

    Humans try and take over the world but we know we are doing it and can fail very easily. Parasites do it without even trying. And they do it better.

  38. Mathew Kinder says:

    i had a glass of wine with a tiny bit left in it and woke up to dead flees in it, that also works =p and all you have to do is get drunk and go to sleep. much less hassle

  39. Monty Deane says:

    This is fine and all but these home remedies are crazy. Feeding them lemon juice and dishwashing liquid teas are not going to get rid of fleas. Using an IGR (Insect growth regulator) is the only way. Stop the pupa stage from becoming an active egg laying adult is the key. If they cant lay eggs then your problem goes away. Using a vacuum around the baseboards will suck up eggs in hair. (throw away bag after) Boraxo detergent in carpet nap. Vacuum after 3 hours. Good luck

  40. TheBezzymates says:

    it better work bitch

  41. trbacon says:

    This actually does work, had to use it 2 times since I got animals about 15years ago. The only thing is that it can’t be the only way you fight the fleas.

    Also I wouldn’t spray that “lemon tea” on anything that it could bleach out..ie..upholstery, carpet, clothing, etc.

  42. jthouse51 says:

    to kill the fleas man

  43. idontcare9422 says:

    I do not understand. Why did you have a can of gasoline in the first place??

  44. tshockey100 says:

    Tea tree oil, mop your floors with it, spray your furniture, it helps better than the pan of dish soap, but the soap in the water keeps the fleas from swimming and drowns them immediately. Hot water kills them immediately also.

  45. tshockey100 says:

    What helps alot is I mop my floor with tea tree oil, big difference overnight, of course I mopped the floor 5 times in 1 night.

  46. BB51608 says:

    The fleas are not attracted to the flame/light of the candle, but the carbon dioxide (same as the air we breathe out) released from it — this is how they detect animals to live on (same for mosquitos and bed bugs)
    .. fleas attracted to the light… lol.

  47. 97mscancer says:

    Why would he say “Not he best way to capture fleas but…”

  48. kbt2524 says:

    Title how to get rid of fleas then during the video he says it doesn’t really help but it’s a fun thing to do. Nothing fun about fleas retard

  49. juventinorocks says:

    I wouldn’t mind if Cockroaches and Fleas disappeared :)

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