More on flea and tick preventives

More on flea and tick preventives
Permethrin is a commonly used ingredient in over-the-counter flea and tick products. It is highly toxic to cats, but much less so in dogs. The review of available scientific data by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) cites three relevant studies.
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Bed bugs, fleas found at Pottsville Free Public Library
Bed bugs and fleas have been found at the Pottsville Free Public Library. Library Director Nancy Smink said Wednesday that an exterminator from Laudeman Termite and Pest Control, Minersville, was doing routine maintenance at the library and discovered
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State office building reopens today after weekend "flea dip"
He said the roughly 1,500 workers based in the L&I Building were also advised to be diligent in their comings and goings and in flea prevention at home to help make sure the building stays flea-free for the rest of the summer. No other buildings in the
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