Necessary evil?

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Necessary evil?
Flea Topical

Image by This Year’s Love
I gave Judah Heartgard every single month on the same date for about two years before realizing how insane that was. I thought I was doing what was best for her. In reality, I was loading her body up with toxins–on top of Frontline for about four/five months out of the year, vaccinations, and Pedigree (!?!) kibble.
Is Heartgard necessary? Sometimes, yes. But it’s still a poison and should be treated with care.
So far this summer it hadn’t been hot enough, long enough for mosquitoes to worry me about heartworm. Then we had torrential rains, disastrous storms, followed now by heat and no more rain–so the mosquitoes have risen up in a terrifying swarm. They’re everywhere in the house. The dogs eat outside and go outside several times a day.
I didn’t treat them for fleas, ticks, or heartworm this year. No fleas, no ticks (two on Judah’s ear after a wilderness walk, but she got them regardless of prevention a couple years ago) and no worms.
I had the Heartgard anyway, leftover.
I’ve debated what to do. The mosquitoes are as bad as fleas were a year ago–I’m talking the woman I babysat for last year had them everywhere in her house, I heard horror stories at the vet’s office, there were signs about it, and even my sister’s cats (indoor!) got fleas (from other cats, which were also indoor cats).
But finally tonight I knew that if there was ever a real chance for them to get heartworm, it’s right now. So I gave Israel and Judah each a chewable tablet. It’ll last for at least 45 days–long enough for the first frost, I’m sure.
Already they’re a step ahead of many other dogs. The raw diet, no topical treatments for the little nasties, and few treats that aren’t meat or corn/wheat/etc free.
They’re healthy weights, they get exercise, and they’re otherwise very healthy.
So I would rather give in now and only administer this crap when I know for sure there’s a good chance of them getting heartworm (maybe!) than do it all the time "just because".

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