Mange Mites — Do animals with mange stink?

Education on mange. Learn the answer to Do animals with mange stink? This video contains information on pet health. Other Related Videos:
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Mange mites in cats can either be a walking dandruff, which is easy to identify on black cats, or scabies, but a skin scraping is necessary to confirm the mange. Recognize the signs of mange mites withhelp from a practicing veterinarian in this free video on pet care. Expert: Robert Sidorsky, DVM Bio: Dr. Robert Sidorsky has been a practicing veterinarian for more than 25 years. Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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22 Responses to Mange Mites — Do animals with mange stink?

  1. stole vitanov says:

    Awesome video! Cant wait to see more ;)

  2. Alex Rodney says:

    You make awesome videos! 

  3. o0bananarama0o says:

    Amazing Job What Software do you use?

  4. ryanfrasier95 says:

    thankkks for your nice videos :P

  5. gutenTagen543 says:

    Please upload more videos

  6. Nguyen Kim says:

    I love your channel! 

  7. qwdjhqihdilqhlod says:


  8. George Geo says:

    -very well done!

  9. DawnChapman8 says:

    Go Go Go you can win us all!

  10. raejones112 says:

    That was a well done video!

  11. chaulongnguyen says:

    Woahhhhh …. thats really amazing!!!

  12. TheTrinhnuong says:

    whatever happened to? vestigeworld, i havent been there in about 2 years haha

  13. Targoica says:

    5/5 you cant ask for more than that. 

  14. TravelDilz says:

    -very well done!

  15. nick5love says:

    Make more vids like this one.

  16. bmf15bmf says:

    Its very funny!

  17. kysitrang says:

    i want to see more videos on youtube that are as good as this

  18. lanceaxley1 says:

    -cool music thumbs up!

  19. Victoria Samson says:

    I hope you upload new videos soon, I really enjoyed this!

  20. snowgirl56 says:

    no she didnt. my dad doesnt want her going to the vet

  21. mafiaguyzxxx says:

    its not fleas don’t think so..could be mites or ringworms..did u get her checked by a vet yet?

  22. snowgirl56 says:

    well i have a black cat and a couple days ago she had a scab right above her eye and she scraches her self all the time. my dad thinks she has fleas but idk can u help me out.

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