how do u tell the difference between molting and mite?

Question by lolew111: how do u tell the difference between molting and mite?
how do u tell the difference between molting and mite? my parakeet has blackspots but i think its time for it to molt. but i dont know if he has mite or what, hes been losing feathers, the little ones.

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Answer by freakychickengirl
a vet is always your best bet. i wouldn’t entrus the people on answers with a potentially serious problem in a bird.

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  1. Groomer Jan says:

    Mites are not very common. They usually only exist in filth. To check for mites, get a piece of black paper or fabric. Hold bird over the area and lightly dust the bird off. Wait a few minutes. Mites will start to move. Dander will not.

  2. peaches2perfect says:

    It sounds like your Budgie is molting. If you aren’t sure, bird mites aren’t that easy to see. They are usually no bigger than a pin point, or speck of dirt and are red or black in color. Bird mites hide during the day and come out at night (in the the dark). The best way to tell is in the early morning either before it gets light out or when you uncover you bird, turn on the light and look very closely at the cage bars (esp. close to your bird). If your cage is black or dark in color, you won’t be able to see them, but if your cage is white or light colored, you’ll see little tiny red (or sometimes brown/black) dots moving very slowly.

    If your really worried that your Budgie has mites, then it won’t hurt to treat him anyway. Bird Mites are easy to treat. Just go to your local pet store and buy a mite and lice spray. It kills the mites, just follow the directions, and apply a few treatments over a few weeks. Also spray areas around the cage. You can also buy a protector that wards off mites (kind of like a flee collar, only of course it’s not a collar).
    Here are exaples of the 2 products…

    Get both if you can. But if not, the spray is better!

    Good luck!

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