Q&A: What kind of flea prevention should i use for my kitten?

Question by abril: What kind of flea prevention should i use for my kitten?
She is about 8 weeks old and I’ve read the flea collars arent good for kittens so young. She is indoors but she already has some fleas from before we got her because she came from a farm where she was outdoors some. I’ve had awful experiences with fleas and I’d like to stop them before they get bad, ASAP. What kind of prevention should I use?

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Answer by Jenni C
I use Frontline Spot On treatment (it looks like this http://www.vetuk.co.uk/images/fronline%20cat.JPG). It is quite easy to apply (although easier if you have 2 people, 1 to hold the cat and 1 to apply the liquid) and has worked almost instantly every time I’ve used it. I think it’s about £20 which sounds steep for 3 sachets but it’s good stuff and stops you wasting money on flea sprays and things that i don’t think work.

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  1. incantato says:

    Please don’t use the flea collars several cats have died from them. Frontline is really good to use and since you said she is indoors but was on a farm you will probably only have to treat once or twice. You can purchase Frontline from your Veterinarian which will give you the proper dose for the size of your kitten. Best of Luck

  2. mr.michaelblish says:

    use flea shampoo! it works so well and that gets rid of the fleas fast but u should use frontline for the actually medicine…=]


  3. eyJude says:

    buy some 20 Mule team Boax. sprinkle it on all cloth serfaces… like carpet rugs couch etc. Then vacume it off.

    This will kill all the eggs that they lay. Then check with the vet to see what is safe for one that young.

    You might buy a flea comb… comb the cat and make sure to kill the fleas by dipping in water with soap

    or take a Q tip and dip it in flea spray and then attack the fleas one at a time. Kittens can’t ingest fleas spray so dont’ spay on the cat or the flea killers are age spacific.

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