The Point of a Prong training collar _ You dog is …

The Point of a Prong training collar _ You dog is a wolf" for all purposes- mother uses her bite at he neck for obedience – the collar crates a natural intinct to prevent pulling and help with other aspects- as opposed to the traditional 'choke' collar which can injure you pet- I have just gotten my second shepard – she is one yr- as oppossed to super young – she has been here 72 hrs and with her prong collar she is walking pretty with one finger on the leash at the heel and i never really had to Pull – just stop sit and walk slow- when she got her her owner could not control her a leash at all – pulling her down with – rubbery leash and buckle collar – choking self – correct breed and use is really great i swear – I learned of these collars in Germany- I was a sceptic until i read up and spoke to some trainer and – it works great for me with my shepards as the naturally are are guardian breed.

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