FLEAS -_____-.,……………?

Question by Alex B: FLEAS -_____-.,……………?
ok, so ive literarly got back home half an hour ago, and what did i find? 2 fleas sitting on me. now im not where i got it from exactly but its fleas. I have a cat, who was gone for the week, cuz i was gone, but im suspecting there are more fleas around the house, what should i do? im gonna clean out the basement and my room tomoro, then spray it with some flea killer thing. i dont wanna call an exterminator but what else should i do?

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Answer by bemco81
Ok well first take fleas seriously. 1 flea can lay 50+ eggs a day, everyday. Fleas can give your pets worms too, by chewing their skin and ingesting the flea. Topical meds don’t really work. Front-line, k9, all those are a temp relief. You need a pill from the vet. You wont even have to take your pet in. Just stop in and ask for a pill to treat fleas. Most vets will sell you the pills. Theres one called Capstar. (stop in a vets and ask for it) It works wonders. Treat your pet with capstar, put em’ in a room for bout an hour. Be prepared to clean up dead fleas from that room. (small room is best for the hr.) Meanwhile Home Depot sells a great product called Enforcer, Flea Spray For Homes. Its a large gal size red bottle with spray nozzle. Spray everything. Behind and under furniture, rugs, pet areas, wall trim, curtains, hardwood..I mean everything! Alternative..you could bomb the home but it requires much cleaning of chemical after wards, and you would have to leave for the day. The Spray is better, you can stay in your home and handle things sooner than bombing.
After you spray..should take at least an hr to get everything, go to room where pet is, let pet out and treat that room. I forget how long after treatment before you can vacuum and mop floors but it will tell you on bottle. Good Luck!

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