A Dog’s Life? We’ll Take It! We Get Cookies in the Mail

We here at Dogster and Catster are continually impressed with the level of skill, talent, and kindness among our community members. It must be something about loving animals that makes us so darn pawsomely creative and nice. When we came across public artist Sue Betanzos’ textured and colorful dog art, we were awww struck. When we learned that she also bakes and decorates by hand adorable cat-shaped cookies, we knew we weren’t worthy!

Despite our lack of worthiness, Sue sent us a little package of “gratitude cookies” in the shape of a spotted dog, rainbow-colored dog bones, and little hearts to thank us for featuring her amazing creations on our sites.

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So cute! You can see Vicky in the background daydreaming about how awesome our Dogster readers are.

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No, Sue, thank YOU for being awesome!

We wish we could have recorded the chorus of approval that swept our headquarters as we unwrapped the magically packaged goods. Nestled between the sheets of glitter tissue paper was an assortment of cookies almost too cute to eat (spoiler: we eventually did eat them, and they are as delicious as they are cute).

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How can we eat these? They are so cute!

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A work of art -- signed and everything. Thank you so much!

So thank you, Sue, and all of our wonderful Dogsters -- you make waking up and coming to the office every day totally worth it. We work hard to bring you the best in dog news, advice, and cuteness, and we're glad to know that you like us, you really really like us! 

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