Wee Hamster Leads Cats in Decision 2012 Cuteness Poll


Decision 2012

Snuggles the Service Hamster is Cleaning Up in the Cuteness Polls

Could independent candidate Snuggles the service hamster (...how exactly does a service hamster work?) be cuter than Louie Dewey Mocha Latte the fluffy kitty? Recent results from Animal Planet's Decision 2012 say yes – with Snuggles leading in cuteness polls by more than 2000 votes! 


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Do you agree? Does Snuggles the service hamster deserve the win or should it go to the felines? Cast your vote today at Decision 2012

About Decision 2012

Animal Planet's Decision 2012 is open to all breeds and creeds and our most recent check of the leaderboard did not disappoint in the candidate diversity department! 

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The Daily Treat: Animal Planet

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