Movember Failure

When we got our October Bark Box, I was so excited to see the moustache toy.  I’d seen pictures of the moustache before and thought it could be super fun.  I also though the timing was perfect because it was only a week or so before the start of Movember. I had grand plans of having some super cool images of Coulee with a moustache.  Ummm.  Yeah… Not so much.

We’d gone out once before with it but it kept getting covered in snow and we almost lost it in the deep snow so we didn’t try again until yesterday.

The good news is Coulee not only likes the toy but she tended to pick it up on her own by the ball in the back.

 The bad news is, she doesn’t always carry it in the right direction.

And when she does manage to carry it in the right direction, it kind of droops…

She was very pleased with herself.  I have no idea why.  She was not being cooperative.

Apparently Coulee will hold a toy, until I ask her to do anything.  Me asking her to sit, down or stay all resulted in the same thing – dropping the toy.  So then I would try and push her away from me and snap a picture while she was barely more than an arms reach away.  Quality photos they were not!

I held it up to see what it should look like.  LOL.

It also didn’t help when the little one kept running off with the prop.

We almost got some at the end but it is a very dirty, saggy moustache at this point!

Sigh.  THIS is why I prefer candid photography.

PS – Seeing as none of the dogs have their mouths even open, pretty sure all of these are photoshopped!

Crazy Coulee and Little Lacey

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