How to get rid of spider mites that crawl randomly in the house?

Question by trinity: How to get rid of spider mites that crawl randomly in the house?
I never see them in the garden. I have roses, daisies and fruit trees – maybe I should look more carefully. But there are hundreds of spider mites appearing randomly in random parts of the house, even in places far far away from the garden. I’ve sprayed the roses with insect (incl mites) spray last week, and I still get the mites in the house. I can’t find any solutions to clear the mites in the house and can’t find the source of the mites out of the house. Please help!

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  1. Geniaus5 says:

    you should get an automatic assualt rifle and shoot them on sight.

  2. s l says:

    lol just any kind of bug spray lol stomp is an option but they kight crwal up ur leg
    n eww tht wouldnt be nice
    n i can see u carrying a automatic around wid u O_o
    men!! they kill things too much

  3. lubinmt says:

    Are you sure they are spider mites? Spider mites are tiny tiny and usually you only know they are on your plants by the very fine webbing you see underneath the leaves and in the joints of the branches. I don’t think I have actually seen the mite itself, only the fine webbing they have.
    Perhaps you should consult a pest control company, or you could call your local county extension service where usually they have a horticultural hot line where they can give you free advice about your gardening and garden related pest control questions. blessings!

  4. JF_14 says:

    I’ve never heard of spider mites in house, do you have plants inside they might be on. I used to put my houseplants out for summer and bring them in. I had a lot of problems with that, so if you do check them and find the mites spray as well see if that will work.

  5. tom k says:

    spreed about 1 lb of salt around your floors keep it their for 3 days every bug will die that cant get water then repeat for any eggs that may hatch

  6. Fan-atic in NYC says:

    Ah! You have roses. Spider Mites loves the juice from rose leaves. My guess is you have some of your lovely roses in the home and they came in with it or from ones that someone or yourself bought. Since Spider Mites are just about invisible to the human eye you may not have notice it until now.

    Take them outside (hopefully the weather is great in down yonder) and treat them.

    You will want stop the outside ones from coming in the home thru crevices with a product Bayer Advanced™ 2-in-1 Systemic Rose & Flower Care Granules. For the safety of your family, pets and self, please do not use it in the home. That stuff is resistant and isn’t supposed be around to edible crops. Okay?

  7. beata s says:

    You can always call your local pest control people, that should take care of the problem! Good luck!

  8. Derby & Nottingham Pest Control says:

    I really have read through some twaddle here. Spider mites can occur internally and are often related to dampness or moss, though not always.
    In some areas it is unlawful to treat spider mites without a liscence [I have to state this to cover myself].
    Generally a can of fly killer applied as an ocassional thin film will suffice, costing you very little.
    Call an exterminator and pay the earth – take your pick.

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