Could Hamilton the Hedgehog Be America’s Favorite Pet?

hamilton the hedgehog cuteYou Decide!

Could the wee hedgehog be America's favorite pet? Based upon our last glance of the Decision 2012 leaderboard, Hamilton the hedgehog appears to be gaining momentum in Decision 2012, Animal Planet's all-important race that will determine once and for all who and what is America's favorite pet!

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Do you agree? Is Hamilton indeed worthy of such a title – or is your pet more deserving? Now is your chance to weigh in and submit your candidates and votes for America's favorite pet. Dogs, cats, fish, gerbils, otters, horses, rabbits, birds, ferrets, pigs… critters of all walks, breeds and creeds are welcomed to submit their candidacy!

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Here's how it works & how to submit your nomination

Right now and throughout the election cycle, we need you to put forth the creature representative(s) who you feel will give their party a winning chance. Upload or embed photos and videos that exemplify what's best (or heartwarmingly worst) about dogs, cats or other domestic occupiers from hamsters to parakeets to goldfish. Visit Decision 2012 now and get your vote on!

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