is flea treatment fipronil safe for use on lactating dogs?

Question by S: is flea treatment fipronil safe for use on lactating dogs?
I have a mother pomerian who is nusing her 3 week old pups, is it safe to a skin application
for fleas & ticks containing fipronil (active ingredient)?

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Answer by Jenny Manyteeth
Read the label on the package. If it doesn’t say, call the company: there’s a phone number on the package.

I personally doubt it, and I would not use any flea treatment on a nursing mother. She should have been treated before the pups were born, and a Pom should be safe in her home, away from such things.

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3 Responses to is flea treatment fipronil safe for use on lactating dogs?

  1. Rosalie says:

    I would NOT.
    If you have fleas, diatomaceous earth is non-toxic, and can be in the general area surrounding the whelping box – NEVER in it. The bedding should be changed/washed in hot water.

    You can kill fleas without chemicals by bathing the mother with Dawn dish detergent, and leaving the detergent on her for five minutes before rinsing – make absolutely sure you have rinsed her thoroughly – and then do it again for good measure. The last thing you want is puppies with dish soap in their tummies. But there will be no chemicals for them to accidentally lick off her fur,a s there would be with the top spot.

    Technically, it is labeled as safe – but it is not to be ingested, and puppies tend to lick everything.
    I personally would never apply any top spot to a nursing mother, no matter what. It’s easy enough to get rid of fleas with Dawn and D-earth without the risk.

  2. Bonnie says:

    POMERIAN? Why not ask your breed mentor who you got to know while showing your bytch to her breed championship/working titles, the vet who did the health and genetic testing, the vet who did the ultrasound, the vet who did the prenatal care, the vet who did the wellness check and removed the pups’ dewclaws, who did the wellness check within 24-48 hours after birth, or the members of the breed club that you belong to?

    Why come to total strangers,when you have a wealth of information at your fingertrips.

  3. Itamar says:

    Of course the company that sells the chemicals claim it is safe, even for lactating dogs. Do you really want your puppies ingesting the chemicals? Is it a good idea? No.
    Read the article “Get rid of fleas without chemicals” at the site below:

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