Pet of the Week: Clarke, 10021899

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Pet of the Week: Clarke, 10021899
Pet Scratch

Image by LollypopFarm
Clarke is a 1.5-year-old male cat, who is all black with a touch of white under his chin and on his belly. He’s a very playful cat, which has earned him the nickname Sparky!

This sweet boy loves to be scratched is under his chin and neck, as well as on his head. He can be very talkative, especially when it’s time to eat. He loves food! Clarke is extremely affectionate with people and other cats. He will give you lots of kisses and hang out with you, wherever you are, just to have your company.

Clarke would prefer a dog-free home; it takes him a long time to warm up to them. He would also do best in a home with older children, or children with great kitty experience. Clarke can’t wait to meet you!

Pet Scratch

Image by aJ GAZMEN ツ GucciBeaR

Mewchaz gracias, senor helicopter scientist!

showcases a gift from one of "the guys."
Instead of fLowers for me, he gave my babies this.
Purrty sweet =]

Pet of the Week: Jake, 7409839
Pet Scratch

Image by LollypopFarm
Jake is a 10-year-old male longhaired cat who was brought to Lollypop Farm after being abandoned.

We don’t know much about Jake’s history, but here at the shelter he has become a staff favorite!

Jake is one fluffy and friendly cat. This regal looking guy really likes getting attention from people. He enjoys being petted and getting head scratches. When you pet him, you’ll notice that Jake has a beautiful, soft coat.

Jake is eligible for our Seniors-for-Seniors program, so approved adopters age 60 and over can bring him home free of charge!

Jake can’t wait to meet you.

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