Chilly Dog Wool Cable Sweaters 100% Wool Xlarge Red

Chilly Dog Wool Cable Sweaters 100% wool XLarge Red

Our sweaters are hand-knit and 100% wool. The dyes we use for our wool come from plants and are natural. The sheep who provide the wool live great lives and are mostly free range. Because our natural wool is not treated with chemicals they are both warm and dogs love them on their bodies.

* No wasteful, useless plastic packaging, ever.
* No electricity is used to knit our sweaters.

Small things do make a difference.

Chilly Dog Sweaters is the original Eco -friendy hand-knit dog sweaters.
Don’t let your dog be left out in the cold! Chilly Dog HANDMADE WOOL Dog Swe

Size Back Lenght Inch Weight Back Lenght in Cm
XXSmall 8-9 2-6lb 20-22.5
XSmall 12-13 5-10Lb 30.5-33
Small 15-17 9-18Lb 38-43
Medium 19-21 17-29Lb 48-53
Large 23-25 28-40lb 58-63.5
XLarge 27-29 40-60Lb 68.5-73.5
XXLarge 30-33 60-80Lb 76-83.5

For the customer’s safety This item can not be returned or Exchanged Please make sure to measure yor dog

Source: Chilly Dog Wool Cable Sweaters 100% Wool Xlarge Red

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