Flea demonstrates how to “Slap” on a Fleabass!

Flea demonstrates his slapping technique on his new custom bass, Fleabass! Head to www.Fleabass.com for more info!
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24 Responses to Flea demonstrates how to “Slap” on a Fleabass!

  1. Segarra21 says:

    fucking bass master!!

  2. dsax says:

    His pre-show ‘warm up’ would put me in a hospital bed for a week.

  3. CaptianJohnGlanton says:

    Greatest bassist ever.

  4. RonnieMorrison12 says:

    Frusciante should really give lessons like this

  5. Carlos Gallegos says:


    if you practice really hard you can do it like that pretty good and do complex rithyms, and it’s actually called double thumb slap bass

  6. wolverchief says:

    and i though cliff burton was fast

  7. elpainkiller27861 says:

    5:53 turn on the fast camera??? FUCK YOU FLEA!! fucking genious!

  8. Nicholas Nevola says:

    I’m gonna play music for porno.

  9. UncleHappyHands says:

    Oh no man, I’ve heard all those guys, Funk has the biggest influence on my style of playing. His slap, while impressive, is second tier compared to all the great funk players.

  10. sprintbass says:

    oh yeah i know! STOMP..and then i loved get on the floor on MJ’s off the wall album…i just dont understand how a bass player like flea is sitting there as if he is stumped on who slapped (thumped) what…he is much older than i am and i worshipped at the altar of these guys..so for him to be so blank, makes me wanna slap him upside the head..you dont make a career out of thumping and all the gr4eat things they did with RHCP and he is like uhhhhh lol wake up! lol

  11. Silvio botin de moura says:

    Baixista de RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS!!!!!!!!!!! Simplemente genial, assim da gosto em aprender contrabaixo.

  12. EggCartonMan says:

    darn it. i wish this was a video on how to slap on a regular bass. i havent got a fleabass

  13. Parrock1 says:

    Louis Johnson = brilliant. One of the earliest players to pick up slapping from Graham (check out the Brothers Johnson’s first album) and worked on MJ’s greatest albums.

  14. Parrock1 says:

    That’s partly true. I would seriously doubt that any session players are better than the likes of Clarke and Miller but there are very accomplished guys for sure. One of my favourite obscure players is Dave Metzen, who works with Roy Ayers – brilliant bassist.

  15. Parrock1 says:

    Agreed, Larry Graham is one of the greats. We can also add Louis Johnson, Mark King and of course Bootsy Collins for his pioneering playing with James Brown in the early 70s.

  16. Parrock1 says:

    Add to your list Marcus Miller, Louis Johnson, Bootsy Collins, Stanley Clarke and of course Mark King. Rock fans always seem amazed by Flea because he can slap but, as they don’t listen to funk, they fail to realise his slapping isn’t better than the great funk players – good, but not better.

  17. candiiefl0ss says:

    I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  18. NogomKrozVrata says:

    i was like “ok, nothing hard, i can do that” but then Flea showed me reality at 1:57

  19. sprintbass says:

    larry graham AND LOUIS JOHNSON…come on flea! you should know who LJ is! he ALSO played a 2 band stingray!

  20. sprintbass says:

    i do not like this bass and i dont understand why he could not get musicman to build him a line for people, A that is the bass flea made his millions on and B musicman build quality is just amazing. I picked one of these up and it just felt cheap to me. Sitting in my lap is a musicman stingray classic 2 band with bridge mutes, THAT is the bass flea played..MM makes a sub line..if my son starts playing bass ill gladly buy him a real MM, this thing ugh tradtional truss rod..and just odd looking.

  21. t22bc says:


  22. JamesTKirkCobain says:

    Thta fuunny that they name this the same as the fish. bass guitar lol lolo

  23. Gieniusia Ginka says:

    zajebiste.4:28 chad!

  24. CambridgeBassLessons says:

    If you’re into slap check out my new track!

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