What is the BEST thing for fleas on dogs and cats?

Question by Nintendo is my Nindo: What is the BEST thing for fleas on dogs and cats?
I have been having a problem with fleas on my animals. I tried Capstar. I tried PetArmor. I tried tons of natural remedies and I am just sick of wasting money on things that aren’t working. I have a small kitten a few months old and a year old puppy about 13 lbs or so. Everyone says Advantage works best but do you have any reccomendations for certain types of Advantage that help fleas go away and stay away for the month that it is supposed to?

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3 Responses to What is the BEST thing for fleas on dogs and cats?

  1. Christy says:

    Advantage18 should be a good choice for your pet. It is available at most veterinary clinics without a prescription, and contains proven flea medication that is gentle on your pet, but effective on your fleas. It is available in both cat and dog formulas, for small, medium and large breeds.

  2. Melanie says:

    go to the vet and ask them what they recommend they should sell it to u there treat them with it then give them a flea bath after the treatment has been done (about 1-2 weeks)

  3. Tracy says:

    confortis hand down best to get rid of fleas. Only marketed for dogs. Cap star only kills the fleas that are on the pet not new ones.. must treat environment. Some vets do recommend confortis to cats at half dose…I used it on my 2 cats with no side effects…see what your vet says.

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