EVERYONE IS A HACKER!! Topical Pasky – Modern Warfare 3 – Carbon Map (PasqualinaWii)

MUFFINS CAN WE GET THIS TO 50+ LIKES ^_^ FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: www.twitter.com Just a video about my hopes for the wii u !!! I really hope it stops the hacking on all the old wii games, it would be amazing! ———————————————————————————————————————————– VIDEO TAGS Pasqualinawii lab pasky pasky wii modern warfare 3 three mw3 hacking cheaters campers boosters no more hacking on the wii wii u nintendo wii fi EVERYONE IS A HACKER!! Topical Pasky – Modern Warfare 3 – Carbon Map (PasqualinaWii)THE END TO HACKING ON MW3 !!! – Modern Warfare 3 – Downturn Map (PasqualinaWii)

So like I said there was nothing about the boys in the official spoilers, yet we know they are gonna be shown at least in the first episode of the week (that I will get on Friday in advance). But here’s those little spoilers from tv-magazine for Friday and other spoilerish stuff + interview summary from a small interview with the boys. So it’s video with kind of everything :)
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49 Responses to EVERYONE IS A HACKER!! Topical Pasky – Modern Warfare 3 – Carbon Map (PasqualinaWii)

  1. RhubarbRehab says:

    I wish people would call me a hacker, a noob with a KD of 0.46 :O lol

  2. Dewan Alam says:

    Learn everything about hacking at insanevideoz.blogspot.com

  3. RobStoj69 says:

    Pasqualina….. do u reckon that the Black Ops 2 will on the Wii U have the Anti Cheat like the PC has… i think it wont have it on the PS3 and XBox

  4. Shadowboy Wild says:

    who is everyone i don’t see him/her

  5. ThomThomWiiCOD says:

    looks like you were running the fast mode mod hack… ;-) jk… I don’t mind playing with hackers, but I play hardcore too, I’m too old and slow and poor of sight to be any good at the game.. no idea how the algorythms work for collision in regular TDM or other modes, just know, most players can take me out with 1 to 3 bullets and I end up emptying clips at times on them and I still die and haven’t been able to figure out how others can take me out so simple, so I stick to Hardcore!

  6. Buddycash96 says:

    I am not a hacker and I think is wrong.

  7. manmanraifutomato says:

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  8. Glad Tony says:

    I have been called a hacker before and I get, what you are saying, it’s very annoying and frustrating when someone on MW3 or youtube says that! I play a game and I got a double MOAB and got called a hacker.

  9. SirQueeQuee says:

    lol being good at cod dosent help you in life

  10. MannyHdz303 says:

    its an addiction to too many people. People play COD too much. if they hack it well then they are responsible for for what they believe in. sort of like a hypocrite. I haven’t played Mw3 for about 4 months and ive been a gamer for years. I never once hacked a game for my personal gain. Im a pure gamer. I defend people who are good at gaming and still play with honesty.

  11. BARONOFHYPE says:

    I’ve been called a hacker before the match even starts oh and pasqualina do you still play black ops?

  12. shane Arb says:

    Hell yeah went into my 1st free for all in mw3 half way through and ended up coming 1st(it surprised me) anyway I then get a msg from some French guy saying 3 shoot’s and not diee(he spelled it like that) cheat=boring hacker= worse. I was like wtf this is xbox there is no god mode and you was host it happens to me all the time but he wouldn’t believe it, so I told him to send the vid to IW and not to play anymore being as he’s such a bad looser

  13. Yung Jay says:

    how dare that person accuse u 4 hacking maybe hes jealous cause some people can actually play

  14. The2012hungergames says:

    Pasky even if the title is misleading il still watch ! :) 

  15. the9001guy says:

    i know its somewhat irreverent. but on team fortress 2 there is this thing called valve anti cheat. you cant hack or you get banned automatically. but yet i still get called a hacker if i do well sniping :) so i can completely see where you are coming from.

  16. Leah Tharp says:

    I’ve never called anyone a hacker, no one has called me a hacker, I don’t know how to hack

  17. PasqualinaWII says:

    I appreciate everyone who actually listened to this instead of just reading the title <3

  18. Simeon Choi says:

    Yes on shooter games like this im getting called hacker, because i kill them :P . But i don’t use hacks. xD

  19. xjpearl says:

    I do not C&P or hack the Wii, I’m above that. I’ve been called a hack twice, and both times I told them I would be more than happy to hop on Skype and show them live on video, my console being started up and the main menu. And from there, I would even start up a private match, while on Skype, and show them that nothing is running. Conversely, I’ve also shut some bastards down who claim “they are not hacking”. Ask for a Skype session next time and make them prove it. Fun, Fun!

  20. ken87431 says:

    i am not to into cod but i still liked cos I’m a true muffin
    *gold ring above my head and the heaven sound LOL

  21. IsDeathDead says:

    You should do more Topical Pasky.

  22. guidedtruth says:

    And btw, I sent you a message over YT, telling you about our mutual friend El-Ahrairah!! He is right on the verge of breaking 1k subs!! I made a video hoping to inspire the wii community/his subscribers to be a part of helping him reach these 1k subscribers. It’s only 5 minutes long, and it will be worth your time Pasqi. Thanks for your time. -Michael

  23. guidedtruth says:

    Did I make in this game to allow this other team or person to get such a lead on me?! That’s one HUGE way people get better at really anything in life. Is to stop blaming things on other people and start fixing the things they can control. Like we can control our aim getting better. “Oops, I jumped out of a corner too soon. Oh, I should have thrown a grenade there” Ooh, I made a mistake. Then learn from the mistake and constantly keep learning.

  24. guidedtruth says:

    I loved this commentary!!! I play on the ps3 however, it still happens a lot!!! I have def been called a hacker/aimbotter and I’ve called other people that too. But I absolutely love that you brought up this topic. It’s really annoying with the amazing amount of “younger” people playing the game. And I don’t mean age wise necessarily. Some older people in age are more mature then some 12 year olds I’ve came across. People need to take a look at themselves and ask how can I improve? What mistakes

  25. emkay3ll01 says:

    As for the rape issue. People have been known to have “White Knight” syndrome. When they fall in love with their rescuer. Male or female doesn’t matter. It is the overwhelming feeling of being safe and somebody caring for them.

  26. emkay3ll01 says:

    Lari new about Talle knowing he kissed Elias.

  27. Vesta Nowen says:

    I don’t think that they can make Kalle’s case seem like he previously chose to be gay, though. Ten years ago his struggles on coming to terms with his sexuality and then dealing with the more or less homophobic people around him was the major part of his story. Which is also partly why it seems weird for him to now realize he’s bi. :/ Not saying it doesn’t happen in real life but it does make it harder not to question the writers’ motives a bit, especially since this happens after he was raped.

  28. dthompson1313 says:

    My comment was too long…lol basically what I said was every soap has been having their gay character in crisis turn to a woman. Plays into the belief that homosexuality is a choice and not how you’re born.

  29. recklessxrelentless says:

    I thought Lari already knew that Elias told Katariina about them?

  30. ClosetPrisoner says:

    the only reason the other way works is because social conventions say that men should be attracted to women.. this also what causes gay men to be closeted and having to come out

    if in 1000 years or so all sexualities become the norm then all people gay or straight will have to find out their sexualities and what they are attracted to.. only in that moment it would be the same

  31. joshwaar1984 says:

    Whilst I don’t disagree, I think it plays dangerously close to the belief that some one is gay just because they haven’t found the “right” woman yet.

    It’s the stuff of great soapy drama, but then that doesn’t always marry with responsible story telling… I think you have to suspend belief with lots of soaps: we love them because of the drama, however improbable.

    Admittedly, Kalle falling in love with a woman is not a story line that remotely interests me personally.

  32. TamashiiGirl says:

    I like happy stories, this just keeps getting sadder and more secretive.

  33. cray mccray says:

    I agree with dthompson why change a characters story line of being gay to bi. I think deep inside you never change your ultimate attraction. I was so excited about Kalle’s story line being added but not so much with this new realtionship with Kaiitrina. I think Kalle and Elias would be a better match.

  34. Frippot says:

    Make sense, since Finland is a such a tropical place… haha! I read “tropical” at first too! :P

  35. phibis3 says:

    You’re simply awesome !

  36. Ken Lal says:

    Thanks for all the uploads.I just wanted to ask you, how long is the winter break going to be for the show. Xmas is coming up shortly and I wish everyone a happy and safe holiday.

  37. missfinlandia88 says:

    Based on the spoilers Kalle falls in love with Katariina’s personality and kindness, not because he was raped. In my opinion you can just by surprise fall in love with somebody was it a man or woman so I don’t understand why couldn’t someone who believes he’s gay eventually realize he loves a woman? It works the other way so there’s no reason why it couldn’t work this way too.

  38. dthompson1313 says:

    I can completely understand Kalle’s apprehension about men after being raped but that is no reason to all of a sudden decide to turn to a woman. Women who are assaulted by men don’t automatically become lesbians because of their assault.
    A more realistic approach would be to have Kalle get counselling and realize that it was not his fault and have Katerina as his friend and confidante as opposed to his next bed partner…..ugh!!!

    Thanks for the spoilers Missfindlandia88.

  39. beaulieu0423 says:

    I love Katariina :D 

  40. phocian says:

    i am glad katariina is getting into the mix. i really like her and she is probably going to help sort them two out so they don’t have to been on edge so much.

  41. cookieromance says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Katariina and Kalle would be cute together :) I think there haven’t been any bisexual character in Salkkarit yet..? Except the raper Valtteri.

  42. Stacy Arends says:

    LOL I read to fast so I thought it said ”Other Tropical Stuff” I was like what the? ;p

  43. xolang says:

    makasih banyak!



  44. Barry Deaton says:

    Sounds like loads coming our way. Thanks for working hard for us, you truly are sweet.Love ya from the east coast of the usofa. c u on friday.

  45. skyemcleod1 says:

    Thank you,missfinlandia88! Interesting ;) 

  46. Atemporal says:

    Ida is gonna be a big headache sigh…she has huge self-esteem issues.

  47. JiminPalmSprings says:

    Not a fan of turning a gay character bi

  48. JiminPalmSprings says:

    Thats a lot of stuff you gave us!!

  49. PooHBear1883 says:

    I don’t want them to put Kalle and Katriina together! She needs someone that won’t eventually want a man.

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