How To Treat Spider Mites For Medical Marijuana HD

This Works!!
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25 Responses to How To Treat Spider Mites For Medical Marijuana HD

  1. xSlingblade420x says:

    wrong, that shit can happen to anyone

  2. waz727 says:

    great video i was wondering how long you wait to lolipop ur ladies ?

  3. papillonluv says:

    What is permethrin?
    Permethrin is a pyrethroid insecticide. Pyrethroids are synthetic analogues of pyrethrins which are naturally occurring substances extracted from Chrysanthemum flowers. Permethrin is a neurotoxin that works by binding to and blocking open sodium channels on the surface of nerve cells. This interferes with nerve function by causing the nerve cells to discharge repetitively.BTW anything natural isnt always safe.This will kill your pet.Its inside cheap flea products.

  4. sam mallory says:

    10-15k is fine but my personal experience is it depends on size of the room, amount of plants, and most important how good your room is sealed. Sealing the room is the key to it. You can check up “Weatherization” online and can look up the fans and pressure systems that check it for you. I say go hard 20k and take off for the day. Put fans going outside because CO2 poison is no joke. Have multiple meters in the house to detect a leak. Very important. I Will let the room sit full for 4 hrs x2

  5. ehohkay says:

    when you kill them with co2 what ppm does the air have to be??? and how long of an exposure to the elevated co2 levels is required??? also do the plants mind?

  6. sam mallory says:

    To each is to own but I personally prefer to kill them with CO2.

  7. mizikepimp69 says:

    spidermites arent the end of the world dont give up on a awesum strain only a noob would say burn ur plant u can get rid of em tha same way this guy is sprayin mite take a lil more work but yea

  8. Superlortenar says:

    Do you have much medical marijuana on your spider mites?

  9. ceejay1992 says:

    Where’d you get that sprayer? I keep breaking the damn triggers on the normal ones…

  10. Medi CALgrower says:

    If u have spider mites …. U are a noob. Shit is funny, burn ur plant start over… what kinda pro has spider mites ?

  11. Scott Birsa says:

    Gang members and shit white 1 in the camera hand and a 3 on the other

  12. todizzle666 says:

    higher humidity makes it so spider mites do live not lower

  13. kickingharold1 says:

    Use mighty wash for mites :)

  14. chillinchasey655 says:

    what is the humidity percentage in this room? If you keep it at 40 or below, would that not prevent spider mites and the lot?

  15. mikertones says:

    everybody starts their videos with”yo wat up youtube?” hey man will this shit kill the spidermites on my hairy balls? cockblocker

  16. Misslotusification says:

    not true. Not me tho’… Bought infected babies — never had it before. Is my crop fucked?

  17. DrGrowShow says:

    Isnt that spray bad for your health

  18. TMC Brothaman says:

    livin the crazy life huh vato? lol jk

  19. Ryan Robinson says:

    LOL. You are a fucking moron. Any GOOD Grower, knows you keep a sterile room. I have never had mites/bugs/ problems. Wanna know why? Because I keep my shit clean.
    I bet you grow that shitty weed that all the high schoolers smoke.

  20. bruce420247 says:

    mitey wash,expensive but i live in desert and there native here,sooo… its mitey wash with no head aches or you can keep putting chemical on. i have done it all.

  21. TheHydroHelper says:


  22. meikd423 says:

    do you do the first spray of veg right at the beginning of veg or after a couple weeks?

  23. sixtyonenine says:

    I gotta a different questions. Are rooms are pretty similar except im doing hydro. The A/C when on creates a vacume and decreases the amount of air in the room when on. This is my first sealed room obviously. Still in vegg so havent kicked on the co2 yet but im boggled here. Please let me know what to do.

  24. bigtress420 says:

    Thanks for the info bro.

  25. slyy8585 says:

    once first then every few days tell your covinced there gone

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