Distinguishing Between Emergency And Non-Emergency First Aid For Dogs

Distinguishing Between Emergency And Non-Emergency First Aid For Dogs


dog first aidIf anything happens to your beloved dog, it can be extremely difficult to do anything but panic. However, panicking will not get them the help that they need there and then. First aid for dogs is not complicated but it does take a cool head under pressure to assess the situation and decide whether emergency or non-emergency first aid for dogs is required.


The majority of first aid for dogs that needs to be performed is non-emergency dog first aid. Every dog can be mischievous and gets into a variety of scrapes every day. Your dog may have had his nose where it should not have been and have a graze on his leg. If it is not bleeding heavily then non-emergency dog first aid can be performed. However, if it is bleeding quite heavily then emergency first aid for dogs has to be performed.


Emergency first aid for dogs must be administered whenever your dog needs to take an emergency trip to the vets. It may be that he had a severe burn, has heatstroke, has gone into shock, is bleeding heavily or has somehow injured his eye. Although all may be serious, the latter is especially important because once gone, your dog’s sight cannot be replaced.


First aid for dogs could feasibly save your dog’s life but all too often emergency situations are treated as non-emergency situations initially because a dog owner has not assessed the situation correctly. Just taking a minute to step back and ask yourself if you could successfully perform first aid for dogs may sometimes be enough to save your pet’s life. If you are in doubt, take a trip to see the vet anyway!

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