How to Control Ticks & Fleas : How to Prevent Lyme Disease in Dogs

Tips on Lyme disease and vaccinating your pet against Lyme disease in this free online video series. Expert: Dr. Greg McDonald Bio: Dr. Greg McDonald earned his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Ohio State University in 1979. Filmmaker: Diana Bacon
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4 Responses to How to Control Ticks & Fleas : How to Prevent Lyme Disease in Dogs

  1. Natasha6961 says:

    you are over vaccinating them. ridiculous..

  2. cronelesbo says:

    Doctor, with all due respect, we are “not getting better” at
    diagnosing and treating lyme disease in humans.
    Go on Youtube and do a search on lyme and watch all
    the stories of people who are routinely denied care and acknowledgment of lyme disease. We have an epidemic
    on our hands that is being largely denied by allopathic medicine and specifically by Infectious Disease doctors.
    Please educate yourself.

    And I wonder is this vacine for dogs safe? I had heard not. Also what about cats?

  3. janetmichel3009 says:

    uhm,… forteDodge… wasnt that a product that killed a whole lotta dogs?

  4. maciejwrotek says:

    Glad i don’t have orange disease.

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