Flea Bass DVD Lesson

Flea Bass DVD Lesson very helpful, even for people which are playing bass for a long time!

Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame 2012 Red Hot Chili Peppers induction Flea acceptance speech
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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48 Responses to Flea Bass DVD Lesson

  1. alejoha16 says:

    2:44 “When you strike the finger with your string” Seems legit for Flea

  2. arturininini says:

    18:28 higher ground!

  3. 5ardee says:

    Bassist rules!!!!!!! m/

  4. 5ardee says:

    this is an awesome vid for beginners like me. THUMBS UP rock on m/

  5. mrdavlar says:

    anyone else notice the higher up the neck he got doing his slap warm up, the small he got

  6. Tazthewonderdog says:

    2:43 “When you strike the fingers with your string” uhh, might be backwards there, Flea :P

  7. BOnEhEAdD says:

    cmon man, such a nice word that rhymes with “knee” and u waste it like this :/

  8. alanboro says:

    He is an amazing bassist…. but when he is doing his own exercise about slapping octaves,,, his posture…. well,,, it isn´t the best example,,,

    the best musicians in the world have their own postures, like neil peart or buddy rich on drums, but I dbout they teach their first student on his first class to play the instrument like that…

    The rest of the class, I found it amazing, the major scale part was incredibly easy to get

  9. TheBeautifulGirl says:

    23:49 Fuck the pick!

  10. hm220 says:

    i used to like flea….. now i love flea!!! thanks for the pointers!!!!

  11. IRearryRuvPie says:

    This is good for the abosolute beginner like me lol

  12. Nick Hann says:

    you could tell he realllllllly didn’t want to use that quarter as a pick

  13. tttdrop says:

    never knew this shit was even possible

  14. VindictiveMire says:

    He makes me fuckin dizzy

  15. Mr27Mod says:

    i don’t dig what he’s saying about the bass in a band…

  16. Mr27Mod says:

    while he’s playing: *hack* *happen*

  17. hcwmusic55 says:

    Hes such a goofy badass!

  18. THISGUY0100 says:

    Wtf he’s wearing a shirt!

  19. sk8teriscool says:

    i love it how he says okey dokey

  20. superaidsta says:

    lol he said strike the fingers with your string

  21. SimitaGamer says:

    FAKE,he is wearing t shirt

  22. Matthew Murillo says:

    82 people need to be hung from their eye sockets with rusty nails soaked in lemon juice.

  23. OMGuitaRock says:

    I thought that after “Hi everybody” he’d say “It starts with bass”

  24. Hamanos1 says:

    chad wanted a hug at the end :(

  25. Doodooma says:

    dat jaw.

  26. FunnyItalyBoy says:

    I Love his words, let the music connect people,save lives and inspire the World!
    It’s not about a bassist, here is about a Man speaking the love out…

  27. homersimpson8561 says:

    Didn’t think so

  28. drgdrf says:

    What do you mean? Am I going to visit him personally because I wrote youtube comment?

  29. homersimpson8561 says:

    You gonna stop him?

  30. EagleSpread669 says:

    Think your funny eh?

  31. drgdrf says:

    It’s “wants”, retard.

  32. EagleSpread669 says:

    He says whatever he “FUCKING” want’s so hop off

  33. Alexander Petersson says:

    oh my fucking god… im crying, this is amazing!

  34. drgdrf says:

    He shouldn’t have said “fucking”.

  35. TheRoachBrain says:

    god dammit. this man is such a great bassist.

  36. DaveScott69 says:

    John C. Reilly. The guy is a dead ringer.

  37. JoZ0Z says:

    I didn’t dislike the video…. I just pointed out it had a dislike. I am a big RHCP fan.

  38. whydontyouwork says:

    My feels; they are leaking

  39. magnetixzero says:

    what i love about the red hot chili peppers is that you wouldn’t expect a band who’s so big and famous and rich and so fucking amazing, to be such sweethearts, goofballs, so spiritual, or to be so REAL. their personalities just amplify the love you feel for them.

  40. danielbear1 says:

    is it just me, or does anthony look mad? he didnt smile one time during that or even look like he wanted to hug flea…

  41. cardioklepto says:

    It would suck to be after that guy…..

  42. powaypwnage says:

    they should make a movie about these guys, but I just can’t for the life of me figure out who would play Chad Smith.

  43. eduardoapadron says:


  44. purpleshores says:

    thats because he play as needles in bttf part 2

  45. Jason Labarbera says:

    what a great human being

  46. o0OrangePanda0o says:

    Aww. Hes just such a sweet heart!

  47. WhiteDeath6 says:

    @MrZifnab369 I changed that

  48. MrZifnab369 says:

    Almost 21000 views and not one dislike. That’s the power of AWESOME!

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