The Big Leagues

When the Tick and Arthur are invited to join the Legion of Heroes, Captain Liberty sues the exclusive club for discrimination. Watch hundreds of free full-length streaming movies and TV shows on TAGS The Tick Ben Edlund Patrick Warburton Arthur Larry Charles Nestor Carbonell Batmanuel Liz Vassey Captain Liberty supervillain super villian superhero hero
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25 Responses to The Big Leagues

  1. kurtjk01 says:

    And Johnathon Penner, of Survivor fame, was “the Champioin.”

  2. jdh023 says:

    2:19 the superheroes walking down the steps totally ignore the strangers touching the “original league manifesto” and disappear never to be seen again. Such campy filmography and writing and script and transitions it makes it fun to find tidbits like this. Love this silly show and mistakes. Part of the charm.

  3. TomboTime says:

    you know, this episode actually brings up some good morality points about heroism. about not thinking of yourself as above others, taking matters into your own hands, not caring for publicity and not putting status before justice. quite enlightening for a show about a colossal blue man leaping around beating up bad guys.

  4. Habbitbit says:

    The Tick, now more than evar.

  5. azuzaj1 says:

    No he’s right. I noticed that as well..

  6. D119heavy says:

    The guy doesn’t even have a battle-van!!

  7. MegaBadboy6 says:


  8. MegaBadboy6 says:


  9. gwtnddt9497 says:

    youre dumb

  10. Animeality says:

    Family Guy stopped being funny after it got revived, and only recently started pulling the special episode cards. The Tick didn’t get a good budget, but the writing fits a campy superhero parody.

  11. IHABD8 says:

    you’re probably wrong.

  12. DangerRifai says:

    Awesome. They left the best until last. This episode is hilarious!

  13. Saundrakn says:

    LIVE TV on mac! —->

  14. GratefulVince says:

    This show is genius!

  15. kangadillo says:

    I heard Terrence Mann was in this show. Does anybody know which episode?

  16. guitarcomet5 says:

    …Scrubs was great! Loved it! ….those others (including the Tick) were dogs. This is the first time I’ve seen this show. I’m appaulled and feel shame for the creator. Patrick W. is a perfect casting but the writing and production (especially the sound) make it look like an amature, below-par IFF or Sundance short. The cartoon is far better. Gary the Rat smokes this whole idea IMHO. Gary the Rat was nearly Family Guy level. (I said nearly)

  17. Brandark says:

    and Psych

  18. John Pettit says:

    Warburton used his Tick voice for Swanson.

  19. IETCHX69 says:

    Captain Liberty has a clever set of tits i’d say!!!

  20. MrPotatoFred says:

    glad im not a wicked man

  21. eastwing329 says:

    what a bunch of jerks.

  22. arcanineryu says:

    glasses! the ultimate disguise

  23. Treylogan218BR says:

    yah some shows dnt go anywhere its about the ratings

  24. yassin0808 says:

    This was a very good show, It was funny, had great characters and it looked great. Too bad it only lasted one season.

  25. gwarriorfromhell says:

    Arthur: Did you ever think in a million years, we’d be asked to join

    Tick: In the past million years…? Twice!

    Best comedy writing i’ve heard in a long time. better than shit like Eagleheart that intentionally write horrible jokes that end up failing horribly.

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